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Seo Glossary

A search engine's database in which it stores textual content from every web page that its spider visits.
Junk pages
Useless documents that serve no purpose other than to spam the search engines with keyword stuffed pages in hopes a visitor might click on an adsense ad.
Word that use to search in search engine, to find relevant information or web page(s).
Keyword density
Number of occurrences of particular keyword in a web page.
Keyword popularity
Number of occurrences of searches had done by Internet users of a given keyword during a period of time.
Google Dance
The period when Google is updating its database and there is a frequent change in rankings.
Keyword prominence
The location of a given keyword in the HTML source code of a web page.
Keyword stuffing
Placing excessive amounts of keywords into the page copy and the HTML in such a way that it detracts from the readability and usability of a given page for the purpose of boosting the page's rankings in the search engines.
Landing Page
The web page, Visitor arrives at once a link is clicked. Also referred to as a destination page, destination URL, or  target URL.
Link building
Requesting links from webmasters of other sites for the purpose of increasing your "link popularity" and/or "PageRank." .
Link Popularity
Number of link come form another web page.
Text or graphics that, when clicked on, take the Internet user to another web page location. Links are expressed as URLs.