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by bharat 15. January 2009 23:53

The road to success for your website depends on the web marketing strategies involved in the process of its search engine optimization. It is all about creating an online presence and getting ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN etc. Webmasters should stand firm with the need to implement optimization strategies and basically relying on the fact that the next thing paramount after website development, is to get it optimized for the website to get maximum hits and topmost ranking. The seo services must include search engine marketing (SEM) strategies to be implemented by a teamed effort of expert optimizers, link building and exchange, Pay-per-click management, content management with optimal keywords and Organic seo services with a natural method of optimization and white hat techniques in order to achieve distinctive identity of a website to stand apart from the rest and getting recognized by potential customers and clients through the search engine ranking.

Search engine marketing should to be deployed in the correct manner to give maximum exposure for the site that paves the way for effective optimization. The pre-optimization procedures are required to be followed with periodic report on keyword research to know targeted keywords to be included in website content that can drive potential traffic by maximum number of clicks through search engines when searched with the optimal keywords.

Link Building serves as benchmark in optimizing a website in search engines and is the next important method of web marketing in order to acquire higher ranking and getting the recognition that a site deserves. Profitable link building, exchange and management approach with the creation of inbound keyword links in top SEO ranked sites enhances the keyword ranking of a website. The popularity of important keywords related to your website drives traffic that searches for websites on the basis of the keywords entered in search boxes.

Pay per click or PPC management and advertizing strategies are required to be implemented for guaranteed success in web marketing and search engine optimization. The procedure involves buying or biding to attain search engine ranking. Building result oriented PPC campaign with a comprehensive budget management procedure along with periodical summary reports and monitoring for better returns on the investments is what that is aimed for with PPC advertising.  It maintains a low cost per click ratio and a higher bid limit which is great for targeting local customers and prospective clients to visit your website thereby bringing profitable business to you.

Content Management plays its part in the optimization and web marketing strategies. This involves uploading of contents with optimal keywords after prior traffic trend analysis and targeted keyword generation for a more keyword enriched content with links that can optimize the website for topmost ranking among major search engines. That’s not all analyzing potential traffic that is driven to the website by means of content management must be taken into consideration of possible content updates from time to time.   

Effective search engine optimization process is thereby essential and online web marketing endeavor is important to the respect of a website in achieving its online identity as being a resourceful well ranked website in leading search engines. 


In-game advertising involved into US Politics

by bharat 21. October 2008 19:00
In-game advertising involved into US Politics In-game advertising is a growing market, and we see more and more ads on video games for consoles and online games as well. Whereas spending on in-game advertising was around £32 million in 2005, the number for 2010 is estimated to be at around £1 billion. I never really thought that in-game advertising would be so big and generate so much cash. It is a bit disappointing (in my opinion) to see that better designed games mean better designed ads, but anyway I guess it’ll make games cheaper (well we can still dream about that!). We all know that something pretty big is happening in the USA now…the presidential elections. I was really surprised to read the other day on that Obama is actually using in-game advertising to promote his campaign in specific swing states. Online ads are running on Xbox video games such as “Burnout Paradise”, “Madden NFL 09” or “NBA Live 08”. As I said, the ads are geotargeted to show up when people from states like Colorado, Florida, and Indiana play online. Those ads appear on stadiums signage or billboards depending on the game. I don’t know if doing so will push Obama’s campaign but that’s definitely bringing advertising to a new level. Apparently, Obama’s campaign is the first attempt to run targeted ads in EA Sports games aiming at men between the age of 18 and 34. I really think that’s something clever. We’ll see what happens next!

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