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Seo Glossary

Absolute link
A link has transfer protocol, domain name and often a file name is known as absolute link. For example:-
<a href=""></a>
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It takes click through rate into consideration in addition to advertisers bid to determine the ads relative position within the paid search results. Google applies such a weighting factor in order to feature those paid search results that more popular and thus presumably more relevant and useful. Google has also started taking into account the quality of the landing page and applying a quality score to the landing pages. Google's CPC (Cost Per Click) based text advertising.
Alt Attribute
The ALT attribute is designed to be an alternative text description for
Alt tags
Alt tags alternate text associated with a web page graphic that gets displayed when the Internet user hovers the mouse over the graphic.
Anchor text
Text refers to the visible text for a hyperlink. For example:
< a href="" >this is the anchor text< /a >
Back links
The links comes from another web pages are known as back links.
Black Hat SEO
Using unethical procedure to beat competition is known as black hat seo.
Also known as a "weblog". An online diary with entries made on a regular if not daily basis.
Shot form of robot also known as spider. It is a software program who scans the web page for indexing the web pages.
This is unethical technique in which Serving different content to search engine spiders than to human visitors.
information placed on a visitor's computer by a web server. While the web site is being accessed, data in the visitor's cookie file can be stored or retrieved.
Cascading Style Sheet - used to control the design of website.
Human editors group websites into categories and provide site descriptions or edit descriptions that are submitted to them.
Doorway page
A doorway page is a web page full of keyword-rich copy that doesn't deliver any useful information on it other than a link into the site, and whose sole purpose is to be fed to the search engines.